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Expert: Croatia needs to brand itself as world 'Eco' leaders

Nyhet   •   Aug 14, 2012 12:47 CEST

Croatian Times

How should Croatia brand itself in the coming years if it wishes to become recognizable internationally in a positive light? In his text published in daily newspaper Jutarnji list, Croatian marketing expert Davor Bruketa, from advertising agency Bruketa&ZinicOM, writes about how Croatia should brand itself in the European and global context. What makes Croatia recognizable? Is that enough? What is the ambition that surrounding countries and the rest of the world is going to recognize as realistic and give us a chance? Will that distinction contribute to life quality of all Croats, no matter what they do and which part of Croatia they live in?

"The association that "Croatia is a country with the most beautiful, untouched sea" should be broadened to "Croatia is a country with beautiful, untouched nature". That would mean it is a country with potential to produce healthy food," says Bruketa, creative director of second most successful independent agency in the world according to global Effie index.

Our ambition to become world leaders in healthy food production could be broadened to all industries that support sustainable growth. We already produce electric cars in Croatia, windmills, hidropower plants, electric trams and trains. We will probably not be the leaders in technical excellence, but we can express the ambition to become global leaders in ecology, sustainable growth and satellite industries, says Bruketa.