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From candy to travels – Postify Postcards serves as a different marketing channel in all areas

Nyhet   •   Jul 25, 2013 13:17 CEST

Are you going by bus with Swebus this summer? Then take the opportunity to send a real postcard with Postify Postcards, directly from the bus seat via your mobile using their free voucher. Or you may instead see any of Fazer’s summery signs in any grocery store you visit daily? Use the code they offer you to send free postcards to your loved ones.

Swebus and Fazer are just two of several companies that operate a summer campaign with Postify Postcards. Among our collaborations you will also find companies such as ScandicReseekonomen by Forex BANK and Norwegian. All of them operating a summer campaign, using the same application, but each one in the way that suits their business and campaign the best.

The fact that many companies choose to use Postify Postcards in their marketing, has much to do with the increased demands for new marketing channels. Consumers need something new that attracts their attention, since such as television and radio ads now has become a part of everyday life.

Social media and the ability to stay connected anywhere and at any time, have made consumers more discerning about the information they obtain. Ideally, they want to be free to interact with and be a part of the marketing they are taking part in.

That is why Postify Postcards has become an interesting part of many companies’ marketing strategy. It allows the customers themselves to create something, whilst the company brand is directly sent into the recipient’s house – along with a personal photo and message from a person who knows the recipient.

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