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GH, Inc is an agency that builds a platform of marketing and strategy, for national and international growth. GH, Inc uses a set of tools to understand the needs of the client, and develops anything from a logo, a brand book or a retail strategy.

Nyhet   •   Jul 10, 2012 13:55 CEST

GH, Inc presents the summer 2012 newsletter.

01. The story of the Lexicon Explore a new angle on lexicon in an entire new way, get inspired.

02. Trendy Client.
Incredible womens fashion
brands will be represented
in the coolest store concept
in Vail, Colorado

03. The Design Motion. The spider in the design web, has started moving, more to follow but a start of what will be the best opportunity yet for designers and artists.

04. Books with an angle Art photographers like Arthur Meehan and Jacob Fellander are choosing GH, Inc to create the best books to represent their amazing work.

05. KEEPING IT SAFE. Signed and contracted SEQR; a company presenting preventive Security solutions.
Welcome to a safer world.

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