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Global supply, demand, pricing and logistics of pulpwood and biomass will be the focus at the 6th International Woodfibre Resource and Trade Conference in Istanbul, Turkey on April 9-10, 2013

Nyhet   •   Feb 22, 2013 19:35 CET

Worldwide trade of wood chips fell in 2012 and prices for pulplogs and wood chips were down in most regions of the world. But change is ahead. Global demand for wood fiber for both pulp manufacturing and renewable energy is expected to increase during 2013 and 2014.

China bucked the trend and imported more wood chips in 2012 for an expanding pulp industry and Vietnam continued to be the largest chip export in the world.

Trade of wood pellets has gone up dramatically the past few years, particularly from North America to Europe. In 2012, the US and Canada increased shipments to energy facilities in Europe by 62% over the previous year.

These trends raise a number of questions about the future supply, trade and pricing of wood fiber:

How will demand for wood fiber for pulp manufacturing and energy generation develop in China and Japan?

What is the wood supply outlook in Australia, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa?

Which regions in the world have the most competitive wood fiber prices?

What are the latest developments in the supply/demand balance of woody biomass in Europe? 

Will newly established energy plantations meet increases in demand for energy wood fiber? 

What new woodfiber supply projects globally have recently started up, or are planned?

These questions, among others, will be answered by industry experts at the upcoming 6th International Woodfibre Resource and Trade Conference, which will be held in Istanbul, Turkey on April 9-10, 2013. The conference is organized by DANA Ltd., Pike y Compania, and Wood Resources International LLC. As of February 20, delegates from over 30 countries have registered to attend the conference.  

As always, the focus of these International Pulpwood Conferences will be not only to educate, but to provide unique networking opportunities between wood fiber suppliers, consumers, traders and shipping companies from around the world.

For registration and for more information about this exciting opportunity to meet with participants in the global forest industry and biomass sectors and to hear about the latest developments in international trade of wood fiber please visit the official website, http://www.woodfibreconference.com