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Nyhet   •   Sep 06, 2010 16:38 CEST

The Great Place to Work movement enters a new decade. To celebrate this milestone, the Institute is publishing a book which tells you exactly what to expect: a collection of articles spanning a quarter of a century from an organisation whose name describes its focus. The global nature of the book makes it unique, with 20 authors offering perspectives from five different continents.

In this book you will find, not abstract ideals, but inspiring stories and practical tips from enthusiastic adherents of great workplaces from Portugal to Australia, from the US to Argentina, from Mexico to India. Brazil’s Jose Tolovi Jr. tells about how great workplaces handle crises. Italy’s Gilbert Donde talks about the impact of workplace culture on creativity and innovation, and Australia’s Trish Dagg and Chris Taylor explain how that country’s best firms keep employee loyalty during tough times.

Looking back at the start of the journey, Robert Levering, co-founder of the Institute, states: "What we discovered amazed us. Our travels took us to companies that were not merely better than others. We found some truly great places to work – remarkable organisations where the people we interviewed raved about their workplace environments and talked glowingly about the relationships between management and employees. We felt like explorers who had stumbled on new territory. No one had written about these places before, nor had anyone made any attempt to investigate what made them tick."

Find out more about these incredible workplaces and join us in the great place to work movement.

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