Hobo Hotel

Guilty pleasure is nothing but pleasure at Hobo’s new brunch!

Nyhet   •   Mar 27, 2018 09:31 CEST

Let’s play a little game called “Never have I ever”…

Never have I ever, been sitting in my pyjamas, closer to dead than alive from last night, watching Mean Girls, eating everything I could find in the fridge in one bowl while screaming to the lyrics of Enrique Iglesias – Hero.

Of course, you have (raise your glass)! And now you can do it together with as many of your friends as you want – and you don’t even have to take care of any dishes after!

The new brunch at Hobo is here to embrace all those moments in life we thought we would never ever tell a living soul about in form of food, drinks, music and movies. In pure Hobo style, we create all the guilty pleasure without the guilt. It’s local, its green and its fun!

And it starts from this Saturday 3/2 at 12:00

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