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HiNation explores India together with Swedish Energy Agency

Nyhet   •   Maj 16, 2014 13:36 CEST

Innovation Accelerator in India

HiNation goes to India with Swedish Energy Agency 

 As a part of the Innovation Accelerator programme, HiNation recently visited Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore with the aim to continue and expand our current work on the Indian market.

Participating in Innovations Accelerator has proven to be a great opportunity to meet with potential manufacturers, distributors and investors across several areas of India. Organized by Swedish Energy AgencySwedish EmbassyConfederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Business Sweden, they all contributed to a number of great meetings and building of new relationships, which we hope to develop further during the coming months.

Cooperation with WE School MBA Students

During the coming 6 months, a group of 3 MBA students at WE School, a highly regarded business school in Mumbai will do a study on behalf of HiNation.

The MBA students will put a lot of knowledge and experiences into identifying manufacturers, distributors and possible new target groups in the Indian market. They will also look into potential partnerships in order to reach end users in large scale.

Any ideas and contributions that you would like to share with us? Please send a mail to Kristina Linhardtwith your thoughts!

Board meeting coming up...

We are eagerly awaiting the results of an upcoming board meeting in one of the large dairy cooperatives in Africa.

If approved, HiNation will be able to supply HiLights through a cooperation providing both distribution network and a financial solution available to up to 22,000 smallscale farmers in the area.

Meetings with a CSR approach in Kenya

We met a number of potential partners in Kenya for development of our CSR projects.
 Some examples of organisations where we see a potential cooperation:
Care Kenya, working with emergency situations, financial inclusion and alternative energy solutions to increase family income,
Basecamp Foundation, working through tourism to enable sustainable improvements, and
Methodist Church Kenya, providing farmer training to increase the outcome of farming activities.

To meet organisations deeply engaged in bringing long-term solutions to grassroot members is a very positive experience. We hope that combining our strengths will reach even further in improving livelihoods.

This is a step in developing CSR projects adapted to meet the needs of large Swedish and International companies, in a project partially funded by Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth(Tillväxtverket).