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HiNation, Innovation and Emerging Markets

Nyhet   •   Sep 03, 2014 17:44 CEST

Innovation Accelerator in India

HiNation, Innovation and Emerging Markets

 India's Ambassador to Sweden, Mrs. Banashri Bose Harrison, inaugurated Innovation Camp Workshop, which focuses on Innovation in India, on August 26 at KTH in Stockholm. In this workshop Kristina Linhardt was asked to talk about HiNation’s travels and experiences in emerging markets over the past five years. Kristina has also been invited to participate in the Inclusive Business workshop in Mumbai at the end of September.
The Innovation Camps program is a pioneering innovation program that facilitates the identification of concrete market opportunities and explores new ways to unlock high growth markets through innovation that is tailored to local market conditions.

Do you want to know more? Contact Kristina Linhardt 

HiNation – Contributing to a perfect future

HiNation participated in Futureperfect on the 15th of August in the Swedish
archipelago as to contribute to a dialogue on how to meet the needs of the Global South sustainably. Futureperfect creates inspirational events on themes of sustainable living, for everyone. It is a collaboration platform to increase engagement in real sustainable living that believes real sustainable living is an adventure in living well. 

For more information about Futureperfect please visit their website.

SWEACC – Meeting the Ambassadors

On Friday 29th of August we had the pleasure to meet with the East African Community ambassadors at SWEACC in Stockholm. It was an interesting networking event that hopefully will lead to more connections in Eastern Africa and an expansion of projects and business. 

Visit SWEACC's website for more information.

Beata Leuhusen – Our new team-member and Project Manager 

With a BA in International Relations from Richmond University in London and an MSc in Sustainable Development from University ofSt Andrews in Scotland as well as work experience from Tanzania we are convinced Beata will make be a great addition to the existing team. She is passionate about international development, with special interest in Sub-Saharan Africa, and eager to find innovative ways to contribute to a more sustainable, free and happy future. 

Please contact Beata Leuhusen for any enquiries!

Diaspora Community – An alternative way

We are in the process of developing a product package for the Rwandan, Ugandan, Kenyan and Tanzanian diaspora. If you have any suggestions and/or contacts, please contact Beata Leuhusen.