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CSR Projects with Long-term Benefits

Nyhet   •   Dec 18, 2013 16:30 CET

CSR Activities with Long-term Benefits 

We are proud to announce that HiNation during 2014 will develop a concept tailored to fit with the CSR work of companies and organisations. Thanks to a grant from the "Miljödriven Tillväxt" programme, funded by Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket), HiNation is able to develop a standardized format that can be re-used and customized in size and scope depending on the priorities and interests of the customer. Some examples of possible collaborations:
  • Industrial poultry farm support small scale poultry farms in Zambia
  • Teachers' Unions support teachers in rural Tanzania
  • Hospitals support off-grid nurses in remote areas of Kenya

The concept will include HiLights, distribution, training on how to benefit from HiLight - both practical handling and how to create and extra income for the family - as well as information and feedback to the donor. Depending on the possibility of the recipient to build a stronger income, the project should establsh a revolving fund, where the recipients finance continued operations for several years. As an example, a senior school class might be able to provide access to HiLights for the next class - year after year; all thanks to an initial investment from a company or organisation. 

Are your and your company or organisation interested in partnering with us on the development of the concept, or are you interested in starting up a project targeting a certain group of recipients? Contact Kristina Linhardt on kristina.linhardt@hination.se.

Linda Krondahl - Female Inventor of the Year 2013!


At the Technical Museum in Stockhom, Linda Krondahl, founder of HiNation AB, was awarded the title Female Inventor of the Year 2013 by Swedish Inventors' Association, SUF. The award was handed out by Ylva Ryngebo, European Inventor of 2013 and founder of Medical Innovation Design, MID. 

The jury statement:
“For her rugged solar-powered lamp with charging function for mobile phones and more. She receives the award because her innovation takes a great social responsibility that combines sustainable business with better quality of life for people around the world who lack electricity. Linda is a role model for young women and men, as she took the plunge and made ​​a company out of her idea and her dream."

How does it feel?
- Great! I've never seen myself as a typical inventor; I just saw a problem and tried to solve it! But coming up with a solution to a problem can be done during a coffee break - to implement it could take years. I would not have been stubborn enough for long enough unless people around me supported the idea, says Linda Krondahl. 

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