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Increase Chicken Growth using HiLight

Nyhet   •   Feb 28, 2014 23:23 CET

Study Finalized: Chicken Grow Faster Using HiLight!

An independent study was recently completed by students at SLU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and the GART Institute in Zambia. The aim of the study was to identify whether chickens grow faster when using HiLight, and tests were done both on broiler chickens and village chickens.

Results show that chickens having access to HiLight grew 6,5% moreduring the test period. In addition, chickens having HiLight had a lower "Feed Conversion Ratio" than the control group, i.e the utilization of the feed was better. 
"Light has a large impact on the welfare of broiler chickens and village chickens", states Cecilia Andersson, SLU. "The use of solar lamps [HiLight] in the present study resulted in a more rapid growth"

6,5% increased growth - imagine what that could do when expanding it to country scale!

CSR Concepts in the Making 

HiNation is currently developing a CSR concept where we join forces with large Swedish and international companies to develop economically and ecologically sustainable solutions to user groups in Africa and India. With support by the creative minds at Humblestorm and financial support from Tillväxtverket, we are convinced the concept will be a success! 
 We are currently discussing possible setups with a number of large organisations, such as Sweco, Volvo Cars and ÅF. It is important to make sure that we are developing an attractive product, suitable to the priorities in CSR departments and their priorities.

In general, the package contains HiLights. training and setup of a revolving fund. We work together with well established organisations, having an deep relationship with a selected group of users. Training will cover how to use HiLight, but also make sure users benefit from increased income and improved livelihood. The concept can be adapted to different user groups; teachers, nurses, school children, entrepreneurs etc. Users repay the product cost over a period of time, using a share of their increased income, to lay the foundation for a revolving fund, enabling a second group of users to get a new batch of HiLights the coming year. A one-time gift that keeps growing, year by year!

The World's Largest Solar Plant is Up & Running!

In mid-February, the world's largest solar plant opened. It uses 300,000 mirrors controlled by computers, focusing the sun rays onto a tower, turning water into steam to power turbines. It produces almost 400 MW of solar power, enough to power 140,000 homes with clean energy.

The Ivanpah plant is located in the Mojave desert, near the California-Nevada border and doubles the amount of commercial solar thermal energy generated in the United States. California has a goal of 33% renewable power generation by 2020, and the Ivanpah plant is a step in getting there!