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HiLight Provides Income Opportunities in Rural India

Nyhet   •   Dec 05, 2013 10:23 CET

HiLight Provides Income Opportunities in Rural India

We are just back from a 3-week visit to participate in the ongoing activities of "Project HiLight India", and filled with ideas and inspiration! The main focus of the project is currently villages around Ranchi, the state capital of Jharkhand located in northern India. Having the opportunity to spend a number of days in the rural villages, we have noticed a number of opportunities for increased income generation and improved livelihoods.

The "Cottage industry" is the small-scale local production in village houses and cottages across the country. It might look small when looking at each individual family - but adding it up, it accounts for large production volumes. Usually, the local production depends on what is available in the surroundings, using wood, leaves, fibres and other materials.

In some villages, making of leaf plates is a common activity among the women, in others weaving of mats or bamboo baskets provides an extra income to the families. The products are sold on the village markets or transported and sold in the nearest town. As farming is often on a subsistence level - providing food for the family but no surplus to sell on the village market - this extra income is a way to retrieve cash to cover for external costs; school uniforms, kerosene, health care etc.

Project HiLight India is partly financed by Demo Environment programme, run by Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and financed by SIDA. The project promotes sustainable growth and environmental technologies that contribute to improved living conditions for people in seven partner countries, among them India. 
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Indian Cooperatives Turn Small-scale into Large-Scale

Cooperatives in India have a long history, organizing and strengthening small farmers and producers. Depending on the industry they work in and the needs of their members, they provide education, marketing and sales channels, add strength in negotiations, increase purchasing power etc.

When we're talking about India, cooperatives are definitely a force to be reckoned with; in total, 250 Million people are organized in various cooperatives across the country! 

HiLight Increases Outcome in Pig Farm ProductionPig farming using HiLight

During our recent visit to some of our projects in Kenya, we came across new ways of using HiLight to increase agriculture productivity and improve income levels. One of our customers uses HiLight in his pig farming activities, giving a number of different benefits:
  • Earlier, a few piglets were accidentally killed by the sow during nighttime. Providing light for the sow during the dark hours means she can avoid laying on the piglets. 
  • As the pig farm is not connected to the main grid, earlier they had light for only 12 hours/day. Having access to light during nighttime enables the piglets - and the sow - to eat longer every day. As a result, they now reached their normal sales weight in 1½-2 months instead of the usual 2-2½ months!
Similar improvements are expected in other areas, such as goat and duck rearing, where tests are to be initiated. Feel free to contact us on info@hination.se if you want to know more about how to improve productivity using HiLight in the agriculture industry!

New Distributor Signed in Botswana 

Recently, HiNation signed a contract with a new distributor; Solar Power Kgalagadi Resources Development Company, based in Gaborone, Botswana. Solar Power has a long history in providing solar products to Botswana and is a well-known actor in the industry. As a result of the recent agreement, HiLight is now locally available for customers in this area. Feel free to contact Solar Power directly for product requests and orders in Botswana.