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How postcards can help strengthen your brand

Nyhet   •   Maj 26, 2014 12:02 CEST

Do you think digital marketing is the only thing for you and that marketing strategies like direct mail marketing is old and forgotten? Then think again! Postcards are making a come back and is showing to be the great new marketing method.

Everyday we are being fed with digital marketing in the form of ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, newsletters, tv and radio commercials and so on. That is why you have started to change the channel in the commercial brakes and why you just scroll past the ads on Facebook, without even noticing.

A postcard on the other hand, slips through the mailbox of every home, even if it says “no commercial” on it. And because it is in such a handy size and in no envelope, they have a higher “read rate” than other direct mail marketing.

10 reasons why and how you can use postcards to strengthen your brand:

1. Postcards are a fun and appreciated thing to find in the mailbox. It spreads joy!

2. To have your company logo placed on the back of a postcard, sent from the vacation of a good friend or family, is almost the same as to buy a private marketing spot on someone’s refrigerator.

3. Postcards is more often kept in the homes than other direct mail marketings.

4. Even as direct mail marketing, postcards are appreciated, eye-catching and more read than other commercial.

5. Postcards can say a lot with few words – so try and keep it as short as possible, and don´t write a long text, trying to explain anything.

6. When you use it as direct mail marketing, think of a striking headline!

7. There are two sides to every postcard, so make the most of them both. The non-address side should have the biggest, boldest photos and colors. Think of it as a poster. The other side should carry your offer, contact information and other details.

8. Postcards can be used for many purposes, including reminders, gift certificates, coupons, new product announcements, openings, discounts and even as tickets.

9. Create a specific purpose for your postcard campaign – make is a part of a bigger campaign or let it stand on its own.

10. There is no risk in creating a postcard campaign and your company will be remembered with joy when it is connected to the postcard.

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