iF EUROBIKE AWARDS: Ergon SM3 mountainbike saddle earned jury’s acclaim

Nyhet   •   Sep 30, 2011 11:35 CEST

In August RTI Sports’ ergonomic mountainbike saddle Ergon SMS Carbon Pro received a much coveted iF EUROBIKE AWARD 2011. It was awarded in the category bike accessories. The saddle has been developed for and in collaboration with mountainbike racers with high demands on ergonomy, fit and performance. It is designed to fit a variety of users looking for great comfort and efficient cycling, for short and long riding distances.  

Ergonomidesign has been part of developing the Ergon SMS Carbon Pro saddle's design. Our expertise and experience in design research methods, user tests, ergonomically optimised design and our own passion for bikes and cycling was put to good use in the project’s upstart. This is where methodical research, know-how and innovative ideas play a very important part of a design process.

The saddle’s form has been designed to shift weight and pressure from the bikers’ sensitive anatomical areas even when cycling in bumpy terrain or up and down steep slopes. It also gives support to the sitting bones and prevents chaffing when the biker pedals at a high speed.  

The EUROBIKE AWARD is bestowed on the winners for the degree of innovation, use of materials, functionality or sustainability their products demonstrate. The jury bases their evaluation on criteria such as ergonomy and comfort, brand value, safety and stability as well as design quality and workmanship.