IKEA presenterar nya designsamarbeten: Lego och Adidas m.fl.

Nyhet   •   Jun 07, 2018 19:57 CEST

Under Democratic Design Days i Älmhult i dag presenterar IKEA sex nya designsamarbeten och förhandsvisar kommande produktlanseringar. Adidas och Lego Group är två nya samarbetspartner, som offentliggörs i en live-sändning under kvällen den 7 juni 2018.

Utöver det presenteras samarbeten med Area Academy och UNYQ för e-sport och gaming, Little Sun och Olafur Eliasson, industridesigner Stefan Diez samt Saint Heron, cultural hub.

Läs pressmeddelanden om samtliga nya samarbeten, högupplösta bilder: https://newsroom.inter.ikea.com/news

Förhandsvisning av kommande produktlanseringar:
Democratic Design Days förhandsvisar även kommande produkter med säljstart 2018-2020. Däribland MARKERAD av amerikanska designern och Off-White grundaren Virgil Abloh, FREKVENS av IKEA och Teenage Engineering samt SYMFONISK av IKEA och Sonos. För pressinformation och bilder, se listan nedan.

FÖREMÅL by Per B Sundberg, 7 Sep 2018
When IKEA teams up with iconic artist Per B Sundberg it’s to show another side of the Swedish design heritage. FÖREMÅL collection is all about skull-shaped vases, dog candleholders, and many more maximalist masterpieces. Pressrelease och bilder

FREKVENS by IKEA + Teenage Engineering, 2019
After an exciting design journey, IKEA and Teenage Engineering are getting ready to present the loud and alight result of their collaboration – a portable music collection perfect for spontaneous sprees. Pressrelease och bilder.

ANNANSTANS by Martin Bergström, 2019
Designed to create jobs. It’s also the one-of-a-kind result of IKEA and Swedish textile designer Martin Bergström collaborating with artisans in rural India, Romania and Thailand. Pressrelease och bilder.

IKEA Art Collection 2019
This year we asked eight contemporary artists, with different artistic expressions, to each design a rug. The result? A limited edition collection of handmade off-the-wall art pieces. Pressrelease och bilder.

When ten designers from seven countries across Africa meet five IKEA designers, it’s for a collaboration across disciplines as well as continents. Modern urban rituals are the common starting point, and the result is ÖVERALLT collection – fun, inclusive, and expressive. Pressrelease och bilder.

FÖRNYAD by Sarah Andelman and Craig Redman, 2019
Fun and fashion infuse every item in FÖRNYAD collection – a celebration of student and work life that’s the result of IKEA teaming up with Colette founder Sarah Andelman and Craig Redman.  Pressrelease och bilder.

TÄNKVÄRD by IKEA and Akanksha Deo, 2019
With TÄNKVÄRD collection, made of rattan, cotton, linen, jute, and seagrass, IKEA continues to explore a more sustainable – and fluid – way of living. Pressrelease och bilder.

MARKERAD by Virgil Abloh, 2019
When American designer/Off-White-founder/influencer/plus more Virgil Abloh and IKEA get together, the result is MARKERAD – a collection of first home must-haves that don’t force you to compromise on who you are. Pressrelease och bilder.

SYMFONISK by IKEA and Sonos, 2019
What do you get when you combine great home furnishing knowledge with sound expertise? The answer is SYMFONISK – an all new sound range that marks the beginning of a long-term partnership between Sonos and IKEA. Pressrelease och bilder.

OSYNLIG by Ben Gorham, 2020
Scents that add a fresh whiff to home furnishing lie at the heart of the upcoming OSYNLIG collection – a collaboration between IKEA and BYREDO. Be one of the first to try them out at Democratic Design Day. Pressrelease.

RUMTID, 2020
At IKEA, we take the notion of space seriously. So seriously, in fact, that we last year sent a team to Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. The aim is to explore the future needs of urban, small space living. Pressrelease.

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