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Investing in health is investment in future generations!

News   •   Mar 03, 2015 09:00 CET

“Investing in preventive health care is investment in future generations and with implementation of Shifo’s MyChild System Social Return on Investment increases over time” says Jesper Lilliesköld, who has invested in Shifo for the purpose of building the organisation and helping to reach every child with life saving vaccines and other preventive health services.

Jesper is an entrepreneur with long experience in building growth companies within the new media and outsourcing sectors. He is also supporting and investing in young entrepreneurs through the investment company Ulf & Vänner.

Jesper says that he made the decision to support Shifo as he believes that there is a need for sustainable development support for education and health, which are essential for children to grow up strong, healthy and able to reach their full potential and contribute to society:

“I strongly believe in the idea of MyChild System and the team. I know it will take some time until sustainability is achieved, the business model is set to sustain the organisation and every child is reached with life saving health services. But, I am 100% sure it can happen and I want to support that development and help Shifo to grow organically.”

During the first three years, support from Angel Investors is vital for Shifo in order to build a sustainable business model and establish strong partnerships for introduction and scale of MyChild system.

Rustam Nabiev, Director of Shifo explains: “Support from people like Jesper provides us with an opportunity to iterate and test on the business models, to find a sustainable approach to create bigger impact faster and move towards reaching our objectives. “Global efforts to reduce child mortality will fall short of reaching the Millennium Development Goals. A lot has been achieved, but we need to approach these ’old’ problems in new ways.” He continues: “Investment in preventive health will not only benefit the children of today, but it is a cost effective investment in future generations. We need to form partnerships with a broad range of stakeholders; NGOs, investors, philanthropists and businesses, to achieve this.“