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Keeping your Digital Supply Chain secure means engaging suppliers.

News   •   Jul 25, 2018 11:57 CEST

Supply chain technology is on the rise, and the implementation of software solutions aiding everyday tasks has seen a steady growth in the past years, with a CAGR that indicates it will only become more prevalent as the years go on.

With a wide-based implementation of digital supply chain networks, organizations need to keep their eyes on cyber security concerns, and continue to manage cyber security with preventative actions.

Supply Chain Dive recently reported that, via a CrownStrike survey, it was found that 71% of respondents (supply chain professionals) don’t hold their external suppliers to the same standards of cyber security. Considering the effectiveness of many supply chain networks requires action from the supplier within digital platforms, this will be an increasing concern for supply chain professionals moving into the digital world.

Due diligence is required both internally, and externally, in order to secure the cyber security of your digital supply chain network. Supply Chain Dive’s article suggests three different focus areas to start building your walls for defense against cyber attacks/hacks.

1. Remove Social Media use in the Workplace

2. Increase Training for Cyber Security

3. Keep an Eye on Suppliers (supplychaindive.com 2018)

This poses the question, are you keeping an eye on your cyber security.