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L-Konsult Exhibition to revitalise company branding

Nyhet   •   Mar 14, 2012 10:38 CET

When I first arrived from the UK at L-Konsult Exhibition, my immediate first 'wish' was to revamp our company branding. The old logo/brand was looking dated like an old classic car that needed restoration. The 'car' was once a very recognisable and respected brand throughout Sweden and the Scandinavian exhibition world. Coming from a graphical/exhibition background I felt it needed a lick, spit and polish...

Our responsibility at LKX is to look after our clients own image and branding and to present their form at shows and exhibitions all over Europe and further afield... We take pride in producing image & functional stands for all our clients and put so much effort into our work, that we forgot about our own image.

"First impressions count!" so they say.

In the marketing and advertising world, image is taken very seriously.

A companies image/website is its shop front and should be taken seriously. I felt our current website did not display the quality of work that comes out of our home base and needed to be updated regularly to show potential new clients the real reasons they should come work with us, so with fun meetings together with my boss, Hans-Peter Thorsen, we felt the time was right to give ourselves a pat on the back and spend some time to present ourselves better as the fresh, creative & growing company that we are.

With our new brand and website, we will set out to establish ourselves as THE frontline company in the flourishing Scandinavian exhibition and event service world.

With close co-operation between myself and Simon Shaw of Optima Design in Lincoln UK, short discussions were taken across the seas to create a fresh, modern and eye catching new brand.

Over the next few weeks LKX will be changing all its own imagery, signage, stationary and website over to the new brand.

If you can imagine it..We can build it.

Duncan Gray - 3D Designer