Lonely Planet har sagt sitt

Nyhet   •   Dec 17, 2013 10:02 CET

Guideboksförlaget Lonely Planet har utsett Danmark till en av världens bästa familjesemesterdestinationer 2014. Särskilt nämns Tivoli och Legoland.

“Don’t overlook Denmark – compact and not always cheap, but built for kids. Copenhagen is home to Tivoli, a fairy tale of a central amusement park that dates to 1843. There’s lots of free music, nightly fireworks and surprisingly good food. Legoland is outside Billund in central Jutland, with a 20-million-piece Miniland of world icons (Statue of Liberty, Star Wars scenes!) made of the plastic bits (named after leg godt, Danish for ‘play well’). The rides are mostly geared to preteens.Stay at four-star Hotel Legoland so you can be last on the rides at night and first in line in the morning".