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Marketing on Facebook: How to stand out from your competition

Nyhet   •   Maj 19, 2014 09:45 CEST

Social Media marketing remains one of the key ways to grow your audience, and marketing on Facebook is essential to the success of your business. Despite it’s well known advantages, social media marketing has become a rat race.

Don’t copy your competition – chances are they don’t know what they’re doing either.

If you want to stand out from your competition, you can’t just replicate what they do.

To get ahead of the pack you have to be innovative and be willing to try new strategies. Here are 5 unique ways to stand out from your competition on Facebook:

1. Create games

One fun way to promote your brand is to create games for your fans. Games are a fun way to interact and it will also increase awareness of brand. Guessing games are a great starting point. You can ask your fans questions about your company’s products or services. If they don’t know, they’ll do some research. Try to be witty and creative in this exploit and it will generate tonnes of interest.

To stimulate interest, you will need to make the reward appealing. Guessing games are a great marketing strategy and Mentos is testament to that. Every week the company asks posts a guessing game for their fans. At present, Mentos has more than ten million likes ranking the company among the most popular brands on Facebook.

2. Run poetry/Jingle contests

Almost everyone likes poetry and so you can use this to your advantage. Run a poetry/jingle contest and ask your fans to come up with a funny and engaging poem/jingle for your product or service. To stimulate more interest, choose the five best ones and ask fans to choose the winning poem by liking their favourite. To have a chance at winning, contestants will get all their friends and relatives to like their poem, spreading awareness.

The reward doesn’t need to cost you a thing. In fact, you can use the winning poem in your next advertisement or label it as your brand poem. You can even frame the poem and display it in your establishment or on your website.

3. Give a little goodwill and get some back

Customers love when a company is generous. The more generous you are, the more you will win the hearts of your customers. It may even help you gain new ones. You don’t have to donate money to give. You can donate your goods or services to a charitable organization.

When you make donations, take photos of the presentation, post them on your Facebook page and ask for likes and shares. It may seem as though you are being ostentatious about your good deeds but don’t worry, your fans don’t mind on this occasion! It’s good PR for your company and helps to build brand awareness.

4. Run a postcard campaign

One of the most unique ways you can stand out in your marketing on Facebook is to run a Postify postcard campaign. Postify campaigns increase awareness and loyalty by letting your customers share your brand and message.


We all know how valuable a referral is, especially when it comes from a close friend. Postify allows your customers & fans to send photos from Instagram, Facebook or mobile to friends and family as real postcards. The postcards are sponsored by your brand with your logo and message right beside their personalized note.

Your fans are happy with your brand for allowing them to send the postcard for free. The recipient is happy to receive the postcard and they are exposed to your brand in a positive way.

With the Postify Facebook app, your facebook fans can send these postcards right from your Facebook page.

5. Show How It's Made

Humans are curious. You can satisfy the curiosity of your fans and potential customers by posting a video showing how you create your product. Video’s attract more views and shares. Companies like Buffer have shown us the value of transparency. Also, if you offer a service, you can make a video about how you do what you do.

For example, if you are a mechanic, you can make a video about how you change the engine oil. This is another great way of generating shares, likes and improving brand awareness.

If you want to be successful at social marketing on Facebook, you have to stand out from your competitors. You can only do this by employing unique strategies that generate interest from your fans and customers. Use the 5 strategies above to increase brand awareness and ultimately boost sales for your business.

Dare to be different and reap the rewards.

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