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Negotiation skills course

Nyhet   •   Sep 17, 2014 14:08 CEST

This negotiation skills training program gives you the mindset, knowledge and skills to create high-value, win-win agreements and solutions when negotiating with people both inside and outside your organization.

We present and practice using a conceptual frame-work for planning and conducting negotiations which aims to:

  1. Create value for both parties
  2. Develop the relationship between them
  3. Ensure that both are happy with the result

Dealing with difficult people and situations.

Five strategies for moving the other party from confrontation to collaboration:

  • Go to the Balcony: Dealing with our own emotions
  • Step to their Side: Dealing with the other party ’s emotions
  • Change the Game: Reframing the negotiation
  • Build them a Golden Bridge: Helping the other party to move from “No ” to “Yes”
  • Use Power to Educate: Are they as strong as they think they are?

Start 2014, 18-20 nov - click on link and pdf-document below for further information!