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New Mailforward service - free of charge!

Nyhet   •   Maj 24, 2016 16:00 CEST

Now you can quickly and easily set up an email address, through our brand new service for forwarding e-mail.

We at Name ISP is constantly working to develop our system and improve our offering to our customers. We have in our last update implemented a number of different news. Among other things, there is a service for email forwards, which is totally free of charge, for domain names at Name ISP as registrar.

Via your account at, you can now add new email addresses and link them to other existing email addresses. Perfect if you want to quickly get started with e-mail on your domain!

How to easily set up up a mail forward on your domain!
See the step by step below, or click on the image to open a video tutorial.

Name ISP

1) Go to the domain through my domains (click on the domain or select Manage).

2) Then select the tab DNS / Redirect and scroll down to the DNS panel.

3) Select the record type Mailforward. Fill in the desired email address, and then an existing email address to forward it to.

4) Click Add and you're up and running with your new email address!