New rules for Finlands .fi

Nyhet   •   Sep 02, 2003 09:55 CEST

Now, companies can register as many .fi-domains as they like. The domain name does not any longer have to be exactly like the company name. The company still have to be registered in Finland.

You may not register domain names that is based solely on a first and a last name of a person. To register domain names that infringements a trademark is not allowed. Also, you may not register domains for just selling them to earn money, eg. "Warehousing".
The registrant is the one solely responsible to check that the domain name is legal to register.
Private persons may still not register domains. Foreign associations will not be able to register unless they have a branch registered in the Finish register of companies.

You register the domain for periods of 3 years each.

If you have a company in Finlad you may apply for .fi-domains at NameISP.

If you would like to have some more information, contact NameISP.