Project launched to improve workplace dialogue in factories in China

News   •   Nov 08, 2018 11:10 CET

Together with Åhléns, Kicks, Axfood, Martin & Servera and Filippa K and with support from Axfoundation, a joint project has been initiated that will train factory workers and management in China. 

The QuizRR WE (Worker Engagement) training is designed to help improve workplace dialogue and worker engagement in factories in China, using QuizRR’s digital training solution combined with onsite face to face training. The training builds on the pilot project for WE Blended Learning completed with Axfoundation & Axfood in 2017.

- We support and promote innovations like QuizRR because we want to accelerate increased knowledge among factory workers. Auditing is not the final solution and QuizRR is about capacity building, a joint collaboration between supplier and buyer, says Viveka Risberg, Program Director at Axfoundation.

Worker’s dialogue and engagement at the workplace have shown positive results, based on previous pilot projects, with the aim to decrease employee turnover by improving worker management relations and workplace dialogue. Blended learning is an effective way to build and sustain knowledge for the whole organization. It is also a good way to build in-depth knowledge for individual employees, using both the advantages of a digital tool and face to face learning on site.

- To a factory, blended Learning is a worker retention project. It improves internal communication by establishing a new and efficient channel. Workers will then know that management is listening and caring about their voice. Thanks to this project, we believe worker turnover rate will decrease in 2019, says Jeffery Chan, CSR Manager of Austra Factory, China. 

The QuizRR solution ensures that all workers in the factory have access to training in problem solving, nomination and election processes, learning about the benefits of having worker representatives and an understanding of the shared benefits of increased dialogue for both the employees as well the factory. 

-The main objective of the classroom training is to raise awareness about workers’ involvement from bottom to top instead of top to bottom. I think the training may have positive effect to raise workers’ awareness, says May Zheng, Sustainability Specialist of Martin & Servera. 

The QuizRR WE Blended Learning project is ongoing from autumn 2018 until mid 2019. 

About QuizRR WE Blended Learning
The QuizRR WE Blended Learning solution uses a combination of interactive training solutions with short films followed by quiz questions on tablets, along with face to face training onsite in the factories. This creates an effective, flexible and scalable solution taking advantage of the different training solutions.

The training starts with a meeting with the management to introduce the concept of worker engagement. A training plan is made based on the factory status; identifying existing systems and exploring where improvements can be made. Onsite face to face training targets management, middle management, worker representatives and the digital training building knowledge for all employees at all levels. 

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