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Ambassador of the Month May 2013 - Eric Åhsberg

Nyhet   •   Jun 07, 2013 15:06 CEST

Every month Project Playground wants to highlight a special person that has made an impact on us. Perhaps due to something they have done for PPG or for others; because he/she has a big heart and has touched us in some way. By having this person answering four questions, we hope to share his/her knowledge and awareness and thus inspire others.

Every member of the Project Playground family are individuals who are united in their strive towards, and belief in, possibilities where improvements, big and small, are real. We know for sure that their existence in this world has an impact, and we dont want it to surpass unnoticed.

As you might have noticed, there are many people around us that makes Project Playground active, vibrant and amazing. There is also lots of admin work, the part that makes PPG stabilized and organized but which is not always shown. Someone that has a big part in just that is our accountant Eric Åhsberg, founder and CEO of Åhsberg revision. He put his free time into helping us keeping track of numbers since Project Playground was very young . And he always attend our board meetings to explain to everyone, the hard language of percent and numbers, so that a ten year old would understand. Thank you Eric, where would we have been without you?

You have been involved in PPG almost from the beginning – what comes first into your mind when you think about PPG?

Föreningens ändamål är mycket behjärtansvärt i sig, men det som slagit mig mest hittills, är det stora varma engagemang som många personer visar i och till föreningen! (föreningens ledning, sponsorer, de som arbetar åt föreningen i Sverige och Sydafrika mfl).

The organization’s purpose is very admirable in itself, but what struck me the most so far, is the warm dedication that many people show in and outside the organization! (Project Playground management, sponsors, those who work for the union in Sweden and South Africa etc)

Have you ever been involved, private or professionally, in a charity (development project) like PPG before?

Har varit involverad som revisor i ett liknande projekt i Indien, med inriktning på att starta skolor i väldigt fattiga områden.

I have been involved as an accountant in a similar project in India focusing on setting up schools in very poor areas.

And last, a very easy question…
What can we do to make the world a better place?

Lätt fråga… Öka kunskapen och förståelsen för varandra i världen. Tyvärr har politiska och religiösa motiv och åsikter för stor inverkan på människors möjlighet till ökad förståelse och kunskap. Svårt att göra någonting åt och kommer att ta lång tid att förändra, men, även om det är med små steg, så går världen mot en frigörelse med humanitära värderingar som grund.

Easy question … Increase knowledge and the understanding of each other in the world. Unfortunately, political and religious motives and opinions has a major impact on people’s ability to increase understanding and knowledge. It’s hard to do anything about it and it will take a long time to change, but even if it is in small steps, the world goes towards an emancipation of humanitarian values as a basis.