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Ambassador of the Month October 2012 - Josefin Häggström

Nyhet   •   Okt 30, 2012 15:47 CET

Every month Project Playground wants to highlight a special person that has made an impact on us. Perhaps due to something they have done for PPG or for others; because he/she has a big heart and has touched us in some way. By having this person answering four questions, we hope to share his/her knowledge and awareness and thus inspire others.

Every member of the Project Playground family are individuals who are united in their strive towards, and belief in, possibilities where improvements, big and small, are real. We know for sure that their existence in this world has an impact, and we don't want it to surpass unnoticed.

She came to do an internship with us in Langa in october last year for two months and has been back two more times since with only a few months between her visits. Always working hard; nobody has a passion like Josefin Häggström from Umeå, she is one of a kind. She reflects over every little thing with true compassion and is deeply engaged in our work, both with the kids and with the staff. Josefin is the only one that can get her boss to give her leave of absence a few months in a year to work with us, that´s is just who she is. She makes you believe that the world can change; and that she is going to be a part of that.

We want to highlight Josefin’s dedication to us, as an organization and as people. Josefin rocks.

What is it that makes you come back to us?

My heart. It keeps calling me back. The Project Playground team is my love at first sight.

Tell us about the strongest moment you have had at PPG?

One afternoon at the center a girl approached me. Trolls everywhere. I could see from afar that she was troubled, sad. I lifted her up and held her tiny little body in silence as tears fell down her cheeks. I let her cry until she was ready to tell me what had broken her heart. With a faint voice this 10-­year old child whispered: “I’m so hungry”.

What have the kids at PPG taught you in life?

That things like bravery, respect, understanding and love are global. They have shown me over and over that the inner craving to dream cannot be annihilated by poverty. It will awaken and light the fire inside if the chance is given. Once the dream-­factory within is started up and back-­on-­track, every child is a fighter!

For how long will you be able to stay away from us this time?

Till I can afford to return and my company lets me have another chunk of leave of absence.