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​.AU is launching soon

Nyhet   •   Aug 30, 2019 14:03 CEST

Soon it will be possible to register domain names directly under Australia's top-level domain .AU. So far, registrants have been referred to subdomains, such as .COM.AU.

The Registry of Australia's Top Domain (auDA) adopted the new rules at the beginning of the summer. They have also announced that the implementation rules will give existing registrants of subdomains (such as .COM.AU and .NET.AU) priority in applying for priority status, where, for example, the registrant of will be able to apply for priority registration of

Existing domain names registered before February 4, 2018, will receive top priority.

Registration directly under .AU is expected to be possible by the end of 2019. We will return as soon as more information is available on this issue.