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.UK to be released completely!

Nyhet   •   Apr 17, 2019 10:14 CEST

Brexit? Maybe, but in the domain industry it's "Enter UK" that applies. Soon, a lot of .UK domains will be released. Domain names that so far has been reserved. Have you used your right of priority and protected your name under .UK?

In 2014, a major change took place for the UK's top-level domain, where it was released for registration directly under .UK (and not just sub-domains such as .CO.UK). However, the registry reserved for priority for five years, for owners of subdomains who wanted their name even directly under .UK.

This priority expires on June 25 this year, so if you have not reserved your .UK domain you are entitled to, please contact our customer support and we will help you.

On July 1, a large number of .UK domains where the fort was not used will be released for anyone to register. So here comes a great chance for good .UK domains, we will continuously inform more about this!