Release: Name ISP Version 7.2

Nyhet   •   Maj 25, 2016 16:41 CEST

We have now released an upgrade of our system, version 7.2. It includes the launch of free mailforward service and a new management of DNSSEC, directly in the control panel. and a lot of other things, both new features and correcting existing. We will onwards regularly release new features and services.

- Mailforward: Get started quickly with setting up an email address! Via the DNS tab inside your domain, you can add new email addresses and link them to other existing email addresses. Perfect if you want to quickly get started with e-mail on your domain!
- DNSSEC management: a new tool in the control panel that provides clear and simple handling of the DS data (if you already have a signed zone), but also a more advanced mode for those who want it.
- New Refresh button inside a domain if you want to reload the page to fresh data.
- Better display of IDN domains for DNS and DS data.
- Various minor bug fixes.

We work continuously with updates and new services, and informs about it through the newsletter and on our website. If you have feedback to share with us, you are welcome to contact us.