Release: Name ISP Version 7.3

Nyhet   •   Nov 29, 2016 14:47 CET

An update of our system, Version 7.3, is recently launched. It includes a function for signing zones for DNSSEC, and some other new features and correcting of existing functions. Among other things below:

- Ability to sign the zonefiles using Name ISP's name servers, with DNSSEC. Signing and publishing with a click!

- Improved view management for "All orders" (now possible to list the OrderID, even clickable).

- Improved view management of labels / labels.

- Bug fix of current IP number of so-called glue records.

- Invoices can be opened in a shareable PDF link.

- Miscellaneous translation strings are corrected.

We work continuously with updates and new services, and informs about it through the newsletter and on our website. If you have feedback to share with us, you are welcome to contact us.