Screen9 launches true adaptive streaming for mobile and desktops

Nyhet   •   Jan 11, 2016 11:43 CET

Screen9 launches true adaptive video streaming on all platforms, including both mobile and desktops, for both HTML5 and Flash video. “Adaptive streaming is key for achieving optimal video quality, without interruptions or buffering, during playback.” says Magnus Karlsson, Screen9’s CTO. Magnus continues, ”A common problem for global organizations is that the available bandwidth varies and at times the capacity is reduced which causes problems for video playback.”

With Screen9’s solution, customers benefit from true adaptive streaming as the an Screen9 online video platform automatically, dynamically and continuously adapts the video stream to the currently available bandwidth capacity, weather it’s for video-on-demand or for live video.

“With true adaptive streaming, we’ve taken the video experience another step forward compared to the solutions that has previously been offered with manual quality selection or semi-adaptive streaming when the available capacity is measured before the video starts.” Magnus continuous, “With a solution that covers everything from legacy Flash to mobile units and HTML5, we have a truly strong platform for most organizations.”

If you want to learn more about how true adaptive streaming works, please contact:

Magnus Karlsson, CTO, Screen9
+46 (0) 70-476 37 62