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Service, service and more service

Nyhet   •   Okt 19, 2010 11:02 CEST

The service sector has grown much more than any other industry in Sweden today.

But how has service developed? ProQure Entrance Mats & Matting Service answers this question.


"In our company, ProQure, it is not unusual  to be inspired by how other countries define and look at Service. There is a common perception in Sweden that suppliers must give customers space, freedom and time. Unfortunately, there is great risk that such indoctrination can turn into passive behaviour which might then lead to longer response times, poor customer service, and an unprofessional way of communication. Several people, myself included, have been probably and repeatedly met by an indifferent customer service from different companies. This phenomenon does not only exist in our industry but also in others." as commented by Ryan Eriksson, director of marketing and sales of ProQure's services and products. It seems, however, that there is a change taking place today as  customers in general are placing greater demands on the quality of service.

In connection to this press release, ProQures has interviewed their customers. The common factors why the company was selected as a supplier for their entrance mats and mat services is due to the fast service, flexibility, good and steady information flow as well as critical customer follow-ups. "Because we wanted to succeed early, it has been extremely important to have a business idea based on a new and better approach to Service. And it paid off. If we wanted to change the view on Service in our industry, someone have to start and dare to take the leap. And we have done that." Ryan adds.

 The service has improved in Sweden but there is more to do. To be successful in the service industry, a company needs to have a genuine interest to service and know what service is all about. ProQure has captured the essence of service and understood its criticality early in their organisation.

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