Shield Whois service - now free of charge!

Nyhet   •   Feb 17, 2016 13:34 CET

Name ISP

Many of you will know that the data stored on your domains appear in official registers, databases called Whois. Anyone can use the databases and access to the information available there. As a domain owner, this means that your full personal name, email address and phone numbers are public information that anyone can take part and in many cases abuse.

Investigations that Name ISP have done recently, in our project to launch a new whois server, shows that the absolute majority of queries against these databases are used to store data in order to sell.

Name ISP is now launching an upgraded version of the service Shield Whois, which is now completely free for all who have domains with Name ISP as registrar. So you can now, via Client Area on our website, turn on and off shield whois on your domains.

Note that for those in Sweden common TLDs .SE and .NU, protected whois is standard for all domains with private individuals and private firms as owners. For companies, shield whois does not work there. There are a number of top level domains where it technically does not work, so at our web page we have listed all top level domains where shield whois is supported. There are also examples of how it looks in the whois when the data is protected.

Please note that existing customers who is now paying for shield whois, will not be invoiced for renewals of shield whois..

More information and examples can be found at our web page