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Shifo presents MyChild System to Nobel Laureate Professor Angus Deaton

News   •   Dec 09, 2015 14:00 CET

2015 Nobel Laureate Professor Angus Deaton visited Kista Science City. Shifo had the opportunity to present MyChild System and discuss the role of information transparency and strong health systems in resource constrained settings.

Professor Angus Deaton, his wife Professor Anne Case and a small delegation visited Kista Science City and Ericsson Studios on 9th of December to meet companies, organisations actively working towards poverty alleviation and development.

Karoline Beronius, Shifo Advisor, presented the benefits of MyChild System, a health information management system developed by Shifo which addresses challenges in reaching every child with life-saving preventive health services. The system enables child registration with unique ID, ensures effective follow-up of children, and provides reliable and relevant information for improved decision-making and data transparency along the healthcare chain.

Upon learning about MyChild’s ability to provide reliable data on vaccination status and other health indicators in any given catchment area, Professor Deaton pointed out that staff unavailability is a common obstacle in reaching every child living in countries with weak health systems and asked if MyChild System could do something about that. Karoline Beronius explained that MyChild System helps in identifying gaps and answering the why question. The system helps us understand what the reasons are for children not receiving preventive health services on time, if it is due to nurse unavailability, vaccine stockout, outreach sessions not taking place or connected with family related reasons.

Professor Anne Case showed a particular interest in the effective identification of children and the follow up of preventive health services. Karoline and Professor Case had a short moment to discuss child identification options. MyChild System provides every child with a unique ID and captures child's biodata to help identify the child and retrieve the health record should the the child health card be lost.

About Professor Angus Deaton

Professor Angus Deaton received Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his analysis of consumption, poverty, and welfare. Deaton's research has influenced both practical policymaking and the scientific community, having an impact on modern microeconomics, macroeconomics and development economics.