Skärsläckare.se 1:st IDN-domain

Nyhet   •   Okt 24, 2003 16:20 CEST

Congratulations Cold Cut Systems. It was skärsläckare.se that was the first IDN-domain from NameISP to be registered. You may now see the page atwww.skärsläckare.se. For those of you using Internet Explorer and not have installed the plugin i-Nav, NameISP recommends you to do so. Before you have instlled i-Nav you will not be able to "surf" to addresses using IDN-domains. If you´re using later versions of Netscape or Mozilla, support for IDN is built in and no extra plugin is needed.

Download the plugin (i-Nav) for Internet Explorer here

The distribution of the IDN-domains has just begun and it will last for a number of days. NameISP wish each and every one of you, good luck with your aplications in an event of a random draw.