Warning - renewals

Nyhet   •   Okt 03, 2005 10:37 CEST

A company called "Domain registry of America" (DROA) is sending out letters to owners of domain names under .com .net .org .info & .biz. The letters are very similar to an invoice for renewal of your domain neme/s. On the envolope it says "Registration Services Incorporated" with 5 different flags.

There is also a company called "Domain Registry of Europe" (DROE) who works in the same way.

See the letter here
AB NameISP does not have anything to do with DROA or DROE. The domains you register with NameISP must also be renewed with us.
If you have received any letters like the above, you can just throw them in the paper bin with a good conscience. If you have any questions regarding this, you are welcome to contact us at NameISP.