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Summary of new features and changes released in 2014

News   •   May 26, 2014 15:50 CEST

Change of name

We officially changed our name at the beginning of the year from Abell Security and myABELL to WeBeHome . WeBeHome stands for a solution that is always at home and also Well - Beeing home which is what the solution should contribute to. It is the same company, only the name is changed .

New versions

Several new versions have been released. They have included a new design of the website, improved user interface on My Pages and new features.

The single biggest change is that the solution now manages our Home Gateway including its wireless protocol Z- Wave. This makes the solution even more powerful and can be used to monitor and control almost the entire home. The protocols and devices we now support are:

-  Alarm , Wireless , EN 50131-1 Grade 2 certified

-  Telldus Live and all the devices they support at 433.92 Mhz

-  IP cameras , especially D-Link , Axis and Vivotek but also other brands

-  Z-Wave devices, there are approximately 300 devices only in Europe and growing rapidly. We will offer those we think are best and that works well with our solution.

All types of devices work together as one system, for example , an alarm motion sensor can turn on a an lamp that is connected to Z- Wave, a lamp that is connected to Telldus Live and also start recording camera images.

You can now connect cameras, Telldus Live and our coming Home Gateway without having an alarm system connected.

Change of Subscriptions

Our subscriptions have been renamed: HOME to BASIC , PROFESSIONAL to PREMIUM and OPEN to FREE. Subscription CAM250 for recording camera images has been removed. Instead camera recording are included in BASIC and PREMIUM subscriptions. The contents of each subscription can be found at http://webehome.com/se/smart

The changes in BASIC (formerly HOME) are:

-  Support of the PUSH messages in Apps . When you start the app you get the option to choose whether the device should activate PUSH messages. When PUSH is activated on one device, it is deactivated all other devices that the same user have. This is for example to manage change phone. If more devices are to be active with the same user (eg, a telephone and a iPad) , you can select which devices to get PUSH in the settings for the user at My Pages . It's ok that a user has multiple devices as long as the user must choose which devices to get PUSH to. Each user should have their own username.

-  New message type "Alarm Message" . Alarm messages start sending Push to all users who should receive an alarm. If a user don’t have PUSH, an SMS will be sent instead. If no user has opened the app within about 60 seconds, an SMS is sent to those who first got PUSH. This is for people who are abroad without roaming or lack of internet access. If still no App is opened after about 60 seconds PUSH is sent once every minute for up to 15 minutes.

-  "Alarm Message " has replaced the SMS Message in the default action for alarm . If you have customized alarm actions please change from SMS to Alarm message to get better functionality and no SMS messages are consumed.

-  New message type "PUSH message". Gives the ability to send PUSH messages for all types of Tasks and Events. Eg when turning alarm on, a door is opened or the temperature rises above a certain level etc

-  New type of Tasks "Alarm Tasks". Alarm Tasks has been separated from Event Triggered Tasks to provide to new Alarm specific features for alarms. Alarm Tasks include Intrusion Alarm, Fire Alarm, Panic Alarm, Medical Alarm, Panic Alarm, Tamper alarm, Flooding and Radio Interference Alarms . All other events and alarms are included in Event Triggered Tasks.

-  New message type "Record Images". It is now easy to record images based on some event for all cameras that you can see live in the app via Internet. Nothing extra needs to be done in camera. Record Images is available for alarm actions for BASIC subscriptions (and for all kinds of events for those with Premium subscription). When more than 50 image sequences are stored or image sequences are older than 30 days the oldest will be removed unless they are flagged for saving.

-  Recording of images on Alarm. The standard Task when an Alarm is triggered now also includes records images from all connected cameras for 60 seconds with 1 image per second. Those who have changed or made their own alarm Tasks should review them and add recording manually if necessary.

-  Increased no of devices, now it is possible to connect up to 60 devices.

-  45 SMS messages is replaced by the 500 alarm messages. An alarm message can contain both PUSH and SMS. The SMS messages in Alarm message are not deduced from other SMS that belongs to the customer.

-  1 pc Home Gateway can be connected + 1 alarm box + 1 Telldus Live can be connected

-  The price for BASIC is 4,9 EURO per month

Anyone with BASIC subscription will automatically be upgraded to HOME free of charge.

The changes in the PREMIUM (formerly PROFESSIONAL) are:

-  Same as above with the following additions / changes

-  Recording Camera Images for all types of Tasks. For example, you to begin recording images when the entrance door is opened or when someone moves in the garden.

-  Increase from 100 to 200 SMS

-  Increased max no of devices connected, now 300 devices

-  2 pc Home Gateway can be connected + 1 alarm box + 1 Telldus Live can be connected

-  The price for PREMIUM is 99 SEK per month

Anyone who has PROFESSIONAL subscription will automatically upgraded to Premium for free.

Storage of images centrally via FTP

-  The storage of recorded images centrally via FTP are removed and replaced by the function above that is much simpler to use. During a transition period of three months (until the end of August), the FTP function will remain. This means that each camera that has FTP enabled will need to be reconfigured so that it does not send images via FTP.