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Supply Chain and Logistics News: IKEA 's collaboration with Brinkman Trans-Holland turns sour.

News   •   Feb 24, 2017 09:10 CET

IKEA has found itself in hot water with concerned customers. One of it's quantity suppliers, Brinkman Trans-Holland, has found to be abusing worker rights and possibly breaking promises under contract to it's employees.

Protesters will be lining the front of the store in Umeå and quite possibly other locations as well. We speculate that IKEA will be getting in front of this issue soon with a press release of some sort. 

See full article here via norran.se

Unfortunately, IKEA has been put in the spotlight due to the actions of one of it's suppliers. As this may seem unfair, it drives home the importance of supplier governance. Whether or not IKEA utilizes an internal SRM (supplier relationship management) strategy or worktool is unknown to us at kodiakrating.com. If they do not have such strategies in place; you can bet your bottom dollar that they will soon. 

We, at Kodiak Rating, must clarify an important piece of information that is often lost in situations of this nature. This is a PR nightmare for IKEA, yes, but IKEA is not the company whom deserves the direct blame. Blame is, and should be, placed on the defective supplier Brinkman Trans-Holland. Unfortunately, IKEA will be placed in the hot seat, considering their lack of governance over the non-compliant supplier in their supply chain.