Colin Moon Communications AB - visited by people from 35 different countries in a week.

Nyhet   •   Jul 02, 2013 12:22 CEST has now been open for one week. The response has been fantastic! The recently launched site has now been seen by thousands of people, spread over 35 countries, the top five being the UK (58%), Sweden, the USA, Australia and Germany

The most read article is Colin Moon’s factful and amusing account of Swedes and their relationship with alcohol through the ages. In the article 'Swedes and alcohol - a hangover from the past' Colin Moon takes you on a journey from the rations of the 1920s to the Systembolaget's launch if its very own app and from the introduction of self-service stores to the possibility of buying the nasty stuff over the internet.

The most popular recipes are: Karin’s Midsummer cake, Chris’s Absolut strawberries and crispy salmon with carrot puree, Edd’s simple Swedish Cinnamon buns recipe has been particularly popular.

 If you have not looked at these recipes yet do have a look to see why they are so popular and to see over a hundred more recipes at

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