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Swish impalemented as a new payment method

Nyhet   •   Okt 14, 2014 13:05 CEST

Name ISP is now introducing Swish as a new payment option. An easy way to transfer money directly from your mobile phone (Sweden only). Swish can be used to pay any prepayment orders or unpaid orders that are located on your customer account.

How to pay with Swish:
* Upon payment of the order, select "Prepayment".
* Send a Swish-payment to number: 123 155 7420
* Enter your amount including VAT
* Enter your ORDERNR as message
* Once payment is registered you will receive a confirmation email that the order is complete.

Efforts to develop Swish started as a collaboration of six of the largest banks in Sweden. In December 2012 the mobile payment solution Swish was launched.

For more information about the payment service Swish and how to install it on your mobile phone, please visit