Taganode Application for Android is released!

Nyhet   •   Feb 28, 2010 10:30 CET

Malmö 02-28-2010

New serach engine application for Android Market released.

Unlike other search engines, Taganode does not assume that you know what you are looking for. Instead, it makes suggestions based on where you are and what you want to do. We consider it more of a personal guide than a search engine.

Know IT Create has done a great job on the new application in the Android phone.

Their efforts will make activity-based searches even simpler in future, sais General Manager, Anders Karlsson.. Taganode´s service limits the results to the user´s geographic vicinity. Thus, it can provide clearer and more specific search results.

The results are presented as a list of places in a specified category, sorted in order of distance from the user´s current position. By clicking forward, you can access a map showing the destination.

The following countries and cities are currently supported: Sweden, Denmark, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Venice and Rome.

”Keep it Simple” Taganode functionality is based on user needs, providing an easy interface that works in all situations. Fancy graphics and scripts are banned on our pages.

Availability: Taganode uses an open web interface that works in all cell phones and computer environments with a web browser. You can communicate with potentially everybody with a cell phone in your area.

Speed: Up to 80% less data traffic = Faster searches. People don´t have the patience to wait for slow search results. The Taganode search engine offers unmatched speed.

Price: Lower data transfer = Cheaper searches. This makes Taganode an option even for people who don´t have a fixed rate plan with their carrier.

Contact: Anders.karlsson@taganode.com Phone: +46 (0) 702 377 478

Address: Stortorget 29, Malmö, SWEDEN