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The Art and Science of Win-win in the Global Marketplace

Nyhet   •   Sep 03, 2014 11:59 CEST

It’s all about communication, the rest is technology’ is an old slogan and remains just as true today. And perhaps even more so when it comes to doing international business. Dealing with different business praxis and cultural idiosyncrasies, invariably through a foreign language, place exceptional demands on interpersonal communication skills.

This four-part programme has been designed for any staff employed in international companies faced with the challenge of building commitment to ideas, solutions or decisions where perceptions, beliefs, and interests may differ. Participants will receive an arsenal of communicative tools to support consensus-building both inside and outside their organisations.

Doing long-term business abroad successfully involves:

  • Building relationships based on trust
  • Listening for and understanding covert interests and concerns
  • Not trading off between empathy and assertiveness
  • Remaining cool when feelings are hot
  • Being open to reason and principle
  • Avoiding positional traps
  • Being aware how differences in culture can affect process and having strategies for dealing with them
  • Using persuasive tools systematically for maximum effect
  • Language English

The building blocks of this training is:

Negotiation Skills will give you the mindset, knowledge and skills to create high-value, win-win agreements and solutions when negotiating with people both inside and outside your organization.

New strategies for dealing with tough topics and interpersonal conflict.

Managing Intercultural Differences is specially designed for professionals who deal with people from cultures other than their own. This dynamic program offers them a set of practical tools and skill-building experiences they can apply when working in intercultural situations.

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