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The first Croatian "cheese road" opens in Karlovac

Nyhet   •   Jul 23, 2012 11:55 CEST

The first `Cheese Road` in Croatia was recently officially opened on the family farm of Radmila and Milan Miščević in Josipdol, and through manufacturing, marketing and tourism it united the 10 registered cheese makers in the area of Karlovac County. Its goal, modeled on the Wine Roads, is to assist tourism and economic development in rural areas. Karlovac area is known for its traditional family production of indigenous types of cheeses, which relies on first-class cow, goat and sheep milk from the local meadows. The method of manufacturing has a long tradition and along with technology it is transferred from generation to generation. The variety of flavors and cheese recipes comes from the diversity of natural specificities of Alpine, Pannonian and karst areas that meet and interact in Karlovac County.

Some of the most famous cheeses from this area are Škripavac and cooked cheese made from cow, goat and sheep milk, which will be available to tourists and visitors of the `cheese road`.

The road has connected family farms in Bencetić, Prkos Lasinjski, Veselići, Jasenko, Josipdol, Batnogi, Čamerovec, Jelov Klanac, Grabovac and Saborski.

The Tourist Board of Karlovac County