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The national Barbecue team is gearing up for a medal in the World Championships at home court

Nyhet   •   Mar 25, 2015 13:59 CET

They are ruling European champions. The Swedish national Barbecue team is now aiming for new success in front of a large audience during the World Barbecue Championships in Gothenburg on the 13th and 14th of June.

The scene for the championship is a 6 000 square meters event area on the sports area Heden.

“There will be a lot of people passing in Gothenburg, and particularly on Heden, during the World Championships, so naturally it would be amazing to win a medal on home court,” the Swedish team leader, Ulrik Lindelöv, says.

On the 13th and 14th of June, it’s time for Gothenburg to arrange yet another major championship. For the first time, the World Barbecue Championships will be held on Swedish ground, and the home nation’s barbecue team is preparing thoroughly. The team consists of Karin Mattiasson, Johan Drevhage, Andreas Mathiasson and Henrik Stensvad and team leader Ulrik Lindelöv.

“Practice, practice and lots of practice! That’s the focus right now. Obviously, we are barbecuing continuously, year-round. For us, barbecuing is not season based as it might be for the common man. This means we are constantly improving and sharpening our skills to prepare for the championship,” says Ulrik Lindelöv.

Last year, the team won the European Championship and now they are awaiting new challenges. Austria and Switzerland are traditionally skilled “barbecue countries”, and Denmark is a newcomer who often achieves fine results. Competition from other continents is also to be expected. 45 teams from 16 countries have registered so far, and the objective to reach 60 teams in time for the championship is very likely.

“To have a home advantage is incredible, although it puts some pressure on us. You want to achieve so much more when competing on a home court. But we’ll win the gold medal – how hard could it be?” Andreas Mathiasson laughs.

“Very hard indeed,” Ulrik Lindelöv replies. “Nonetheless, we’re a great team and of course our goal is to win a medal.”


Four fifths of the team competing for a medal in the championship. From the left: Ulrik Lindelöv, Andreas Mathiasson, Johan Drevhage och Karin Mattiasson. Not in the picture: Henrik Stensvad.