Nordic Somali Youth Summit

The Nordic Somali Youth Summit's Charter for Change presented to Swedish government officials

News   •   Jun 08, 2013 16:46 CEST

STOCKHOLM (June 8, 2013) — The main focus of the Nordic Somali Youth Summit 2013 in Stockholm on June 7, was the Charter for Change, that contains statements regarding education, employment, government engagement and resources as well as advocacy and organizing. The Summit evolved around issues regarding civic engagement and how to create change, and offered workshops that provided the participants with tools to utilize the democratic system in the Nordic countries for improving their situation and to lift issues important to them.

A symbolic presentation of the Charter for Change was made to the Minister of Integration, Erik Ullenhag. Other local politicians participated in the discussion at the end of the summit. Present at the Summit and part of the panel discussion about the Charter for Change were were Amir Adan - Somali-Swedish Politician and Member of Parliament in Sweden, Johan Hedin - Swedish Politician from the Centerpartiet and former Member of Parliament in Sweden.

The first draft of the Charter for Change was made by a group constituting of two youth representatives from each of the Nordic countries at the Nordic Somali Youth Summit in Oslo last year. The group brainstormed for 3 1/2 hours to create a draft for a Charter for Change. In this charter the group identified key issues that need to be resolved to create a positive change in the situation of the Nordic Somali community.

Although many of the points raised in the charter benefit several areas of society, the group has, for practical reasons, grouped them into five main categories. These are: Education, Employment, Resources, Government engagement and Advocacy and Organizing.

The charter has a dual benefit. It is meant to benefit Somalis living in the Nordic countries, being an integral part of each Nordic countries' population, and it addresses the issues mentioned in the charter will further well-functioning, inclusive societies that bring out the best from all of its citizens.

The Charter for Change can be downloaded here.