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The Perfect Storm

News   •   Dec 11, 2013 09:00 CET

How to facilitate a reduction of consumption without destroying revenues?

Our white paper, The Perfect Storm, shows how HEMS can increase the revenues and profitability of utilities whilst driving down domestic energy consumption.

The financial model described in the white paper demonstrates that there is a strong business case for utilities to offer HEMS and counters many of the barriers to adoption of rolling out these services to households.

The paper also highlights:

  • How the energy market is broken
  • The poor relationship Utilities have with their customers
  • How Utilities can address decreasing margins and increasing churn
  • How innovators outside the energy sector are successfully launching HEMS and stealing the march on Utilities

Our CEO Baard Eilertsen says:

"There is a real sense of urgency in the uk. Energy bills are continuing to rise and households are still completely in the dark when it comes to their energy usage. The business case for utilities to offer these services is compelling and as our research demonstrates, it will ultimately increase customer loyalty, which is in short supply right now, as well as improve the outlook for revenues and profitability."