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The voice of the pharmaceuticals industry in Sweden is being strengthened through closer cooperation between two key sector organisations

Nyhet   •   Dec 09, 2009 16:40 CET

Two sector organisations – LIF (the Association of the Swedish Pharmaceutical Industry) and IML (the Swedish Association for small and medium-sized companies active in R&D) – in the field of pharmaceuticals in Sweden will be deepening their cooperation. LIF and IML, which both bring together different parts of the pharmaceuticals industry, have reached a partnership agreement whereby IML's member companies will become associate members of LIF and will be able to participate in LIF committees and other efforts. IML will continue to exist as an independent organisation.

"This partnership strengthens the voice of the pharmaceuticals industry in Sweden," says Richard Bergström, President of LIF. "Together, we will represent the breadth of pharmaceutical research in Sweden and act on behalf of companies that provide innovative new products for Swedish patients. There is still much to be done. We will work for better research conditions, an ethical approach to the market, for a healthcare system that rewards innovation and quality and that evaluates all drugs with the patient's best interests in mind. The cooperation adds strength by bringing many more Swedish companies into the LIF family."

"Within IML, we are very pleased that we will be cooperating more closely with LIF," says Jan Smith, Chairman of IML. "To date, our experience of participating in LIF's work has been positive and now this cooperation will be formalised and extended. For innovative small and medium-sized life science companies, the opportunity to be associate members represents an attractive solution. This gives our member companies access to LIF's extensive information and contact network. That provides us with a shared opportunity to attract attention and to work to optimise conditions for innovative Swedish life science companies. We are also convinced that together we can continue to grow and expand our membership."
"For SentoClone, the partnership means that we will become a natural part of the Swedish pharmaceuticals industry. There is strength in joining forces on issues affecting small Swedish companies in our sector," says Johan Järte, CEO of SentoClone.

LIF is the sector organisation for pharmaceutical companies with research operations in Sweden. LIF has just over 60 member companies, who account for about 80 percent of all drugs sold in Sweden.

IML is the Swedish sector organisation for small and medium-sized companies active in life science research and development. IML currently has 15 members.

SentoClone AB is a Swedish biotech company in clinical development of a patented method whereby the body's immune defence system is activated and strengthened to fight cancer.

Richard Bergström, President LIF
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Jan G. Smith, Chairman IML
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Johan Järte, Deputy Chairman IML
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