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Tollpost Globe strengthens sales and service with SugarCRM

Nyhet   •   Feb 28, 2011 09:52 CET

Every day, Tollpost Globe safely delivers 60,000 packages and 20,000 pallets to industries in Norway and the rest of the world. For the last 85 years, the company has been following its customers’ demands and today they are one of the Nordic region’s leading logistics companies with a turnover of NOK 2.6 billion and more than 9,000 employees.

Close customer contact and high level of service are decisive when Tollpost Globe transports valuable packages for its customers. For a number of years the company has used the conventional CRM system, Siebel CRM, to manage customer service and sales channels. However, in 2010 the management decided it was time for a change:

“Tollpost Globe was in need of a more dynamic CRM system which could provide an improved overview of sales efforts and enhance service to our customers. The management wished the system to be more up-to-date, more cost-effective, tailored to our needs and easy and inexpensive as a foundation for future development. The choice fell on SugarCRM, which met all of the requirements. At the same time, we chose Redpill Linpro as our consultancy partner, since their consultants are competent when it comes to implementation of and advice concerning both SugarCRM and Open Source in general,” says Christopher Andersen, Assistant Sales Director at Tollpost Globe.

Success in the sales channel

Tollpost Globe had a specific need to share knowledge in the sales department and gather customer data on existing and new customers more systematically. In the words of Christopher Andersen, “We had a specific need to increase the regularity of sales visits to existing customers and boost the effect of their canvassing. With SugarCRM the sales team saves time and has an improved overview of the whole sales process. The system supports them in their day-to-day work and we can see that they have enhanced the efficiency and that both employees and management have a better and more detailed overview of customers, campaigns and sales efforts. We have increased added sales to existing customers and have greater control of the sales channel with several new customers as a result. We also acquire core intelligence for analysis at management level and can chart the sales potential in the market better than we could before.”

Today, SugarCRM is the fastest growing CRM vendor on the market. With specific tools, the system improves sales staff communication with customers, increases control of the sales cycle and contributes to creating better customer service and closer customer relations.

Happier customers with fewer working hours

The most important aspects for Tollpost Globe has been to increase focus on customers and enhance time consumed on customer services.

“Today, our customers contact the customer support by email, telephone or via an integrated SugarCRM-form on our website. SugarCRM has a powerful workflow function which automates the process for requests received online. This saves time since external requests are pre-qualified and directed to the right employee rather than to a central post-box. Telephone is still the main communication channel, but our goals is to make the web, using SugarCRM, the preferred channel for our largest customers by defining it as a VIP-Service with top priority at customer support. 10-15 percent of our customers use the website today,” says Espen Ellingsberg, Assistant Director at Tollpost Globe.

Tollpost Globe’s customer surveys show that customers are particularly upbeat about approaching VIP-Service via the website, and Espen Ellingsberg expects that 20 percent of the company’s customers will use this channel before the end of 2011. He explains:

“The advantage of using the integrated SugarCRM-form on our web site, is that the customers set the scene by describing their challenges in writing. We can then reduce processing time, reduce the number of contact points and in this way secure a high information quality. This again puts us in position to provide our customers with faster and more relevant and qualified customer service. Finally, we use the same information as a basis for all internal communication; customer service uses SugarCRM as a communication channel towards our 29 departments throughout Norway. We receive about 1,800 requests daily, and 20 percent are routed to local departments using SugarCRM.

The Open Source technology made it possible for us to get an effective communication channel at a low cost.”

Redpill Linpro is enthusiastic about Tollpost Globe strengthening its sales and service via SugarCRM.

“Tollpost Globe’s positive experience confirms that SugarCRM can be used as an software platform for building up and supporting various business critical areas such as sales, customer service, marketing, analysis, reporting and knowledge sharing throughout the organisation. The trend in today’s market is for customers to seek more open IT systems which enhance time consumption, are easy and inexpensive to continue developing and which can be tailored to their needs. We are convinced that this is the reason behind the international growth trend for SugarCRM that we are experiencing. SugarCRM is a powerful tool that can be used by all sectors,” says Kristian af Sandeberg, Product Manager SugarCRM, Redpill Linpro in conclusion.

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