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Two new services ensure safety for tourists

Nyhet   •   Jul 23, 2012 11:46 CEST

With the help of the first one, foreign tourists can receive a 24-hour personal safety and protection service, which also provides a mediation service for individuals, agencies and organizations according to a primarily agreed protocol. By calling the number 144 in the event of an unforeseen or unfortunate situation, the user is connected to the operative communication center where the operator on duty, in a language selected in accordance with prescribed procedures, helps the individual in any given problem situation. Clients are pre-entered in the database that contains all the basic information about them and all the necessary contacts.

The service "GPS Safety Button" is intended for hikers, boaters, the elderly and the disabled with health difficulties. Users get a device which, when activated, locates the user, enables direct communication and provides adequate assistance. In the event of an unforeseen or unfortunate situation, by pressing a button, the device alerts the operator in the operative communication center, which informs all the relevant authorities about the user’s situation, followed by a rescue operation. It is a service that is especially of great benefit in sparsely populated areas of the mountains, the sea and on excursions.

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