Unleash in Laos

Nyhet   •   Feb 28, 2014 12:17 CET

Martin Krona is co-founder and Business Director at Unleash. During Christmas he travelled to Laos to participate in a project with World Volunteer. During a few weeks, volunteers from all over the globe gathered together to build eco friendly bungalows, an initiative to generate an alternative income for the local population through sustainable tourism.

The project in the village of Ban Nong Khouay has been much more than just the building of eco-bungalows. The encounters with the people in the village, the different cultures and also the inspiring meetings with volunteers from around the world working hard to fulfill the project. As a part of Unleash mission to change business to change the world we were passionate to be part of this project. Martin that participated from Unleash believes in sustainable and long-term engagement. Therefore this project seemed like a perfect way for Unleash to help developing a village and co-create new opportunities with the people living there for a better future.

As Martin puts it: “For myself it has always been about actually doing things instead of just talking about making change. This project has been so rewarding for me as a individual and for Unleash. We will keep on participate in projects that creates sustainable change for people around the world.”

For more information visit: http://worldvolunteer.se/ or feel free to contact Martin at martin@unleashglobal.com or +46 768 64 91 58.