UNU-WIDER - World Leaders in Development Economics

Nyhet   •   Dec 11, 2009 13:07 CET


I want to touch base with you and introduce you to UNU-WIDER here in Helsinki. We are part of the United Nations University system and specialise in research related to development economics. Further details and current research programmes can be found here: www.wider.unu.edu. Our recently-appointed director is Danish economist Finn Tarp.

UNU-WIDER is working towards having a closer relationship with members of the media in the countries that kindly fund our research centre. So if you would like to be included in our mailing list or know more about our work, please let me know. We are world renowned for the quality and originality of our research and we are a leading publisher of books and research briefs related to our core mandate.

Apart from news generated by ourselves, mainly related to conferences and public lectures, UNU-WIDER is a source of expert commentary for  your stories on a range of topics and themes related to economic development in the world’s poorest nations.

So please use UNU-WIDER as much as you can! I am of course available to assist with any media-related enquiries you may have.

Thanks and best wishes,

Sean Crowley
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